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The evolution of AGL PUMP

Caterina Cassar
10 December 2020

We know our Commercial and Industrial (C&I) business customers are looking for more visibility, flexibility, and control over their energy, particularly when they’re purchasing energy.

AGL PUMP (Power Up Modular Purchasing) is a digital platform launched in 2019 in response to this feedback – offering an innovative solution to help customers manage their energy procurement, provide greater control over their energy purchasing, and offer enhanced insight into the breakdown of their costs.

Initially, AGL PUMP was designed for business customers with large energy consumption. It allowed business customers to progressively purchase smaller blocks of electricity – as low as 1MW of energy – at any one time, rather than contracting their full load in a single purchase.

However, due to its growing popularity, it’s now being offered to customers with consumption of greater than 5GWh per annum.

What are the benefits of AGL PUMP?

  1. More flexibility and control over a business’ energy procurement, particularly around budgeting
  2. Cost transparency: the ability to view all costs associated with the purchase price of energy and understand how the end energy price is derived
  3. Greater ownership of the timing of market purchases/locking in a price.

What’s new?

In late November, a new feature was added to AGL PUMP to enable C&I business customers to purchase energy as a percentage of their required volume (instead of in MW only) via our online platform. This will provide more flexibility to business customers with their purchasing requirements.

Want to know more?

If you would like to speak to an expert to find out more about AGL PUMP, please contact us on 1300 001 047 or bcsales@agl.com.au