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People-powered progress at Torrens and Barker Inlet Power Stations

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AGL Energy
31 January 2020

AGL has a long history in Australia – we’re 184 years old. And for many people, it’s almost a family business – just ask Jim and Jonathan Schroeter.

The father-and-son duo both work at AGL Torrens. Jim started as an apprentice almost four decades ago, and he is now a strategy lead; while Jonathan works as a warehouse officer.

‘It means everything to work here at Torrens with Dad,’ Jonathan said.

‘I remember as a kid, if I left a light on in the house, he used to say “what, do you think I work in a power station?” he laughed.

‘Now I’m here with him. We’re part of the only new gas-fired station being built in Australia – right here at Barker Inlet.’

Jim’s proud of the work he, his son, and all his fellow people are doing – he reckons South Australia is punching well above its weight.

‘Barker Inlet can help power the Eastern seaboard,’ he said.

‘These new engines are like massive ship engines. They can ramp up to full power on the grid in five minutes.

‘When I talk to people outside AGL, many of them don’t realise the assets we manage, and associate AGL only with an electricity bill.

‘It’s great to showcase the Torrens and Barker Inlet plants.’

And he’s confident about the future.

‘I’m so proud of Jonathan to see how he’s growing in his role at AGL, taking on opportunities and making a difference. I couldn’t ask for more as a dad,’ he said.

‘I’d like to think there’ll be jobs here for my grandkids.’