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We’re moving – to the cloud

Simon Moorfield
Simon Moorfield
30 January 2020

From nation-first solutions to corrosion in our plants to world-leading decentralised power storage, at AGL we’re focused on pushing innovation for reliability, safety and the benefit of our customers and people.

Now we’re set on becoming one of the first major ASX-listed companies to transform our applications at scale from locally managed data centres into AGL’s new public cloud on a fully automated platform.

Following two major digital transformation programs, we’ve now mapped out how we will transform all remaining data centre applications within our business to run in the public cloud by 2022.

Delivering value for customers

The biggest driver for us, and for our customers, is that we minimise our risk and maximise our capability.

Through the transformation of our applications to the cloud, we’ll be able to keep our software up to date more easily, reduce our infrastructure maintenance and uplift our operational capabilities.

We’ll also improve our security, disaster recovery and resilience, with greater transparency and monitoring.

Most importantly, the cloud will enable AGL’s future growth and progress by providing faster and better access to evolving technology. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to the Internet of Things, we’ll be able to develop innovative solutions and respond to business and customer needs more quickly than ever before.

New ways of working

We’re removing roadblocks to delivery by introducing faster, automated processes from the outset, with a focus on efficiency, consistency, scalability and robust security.

This means we can spend more time experimenting with new ideas to deliver customer value – and we can get those ideas to market faster and more securely.

Today, we’re delivering improvements to our customer experience 20 times more frequently than we did three years ago, and we’ve reduced our testing cycles by ten times.

As we continue to explore new technology to evolve our products and services, we’re excited about the opportunities the cloud will unlock for AGL and our customers.