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Tech careers in focus: Karen Sue

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25 July 2019

“If it doesn’t exist today, it will tomorrow”

In school Karen Sue wasn’t sure what she wanted to do for a career, but technology has given her a diverse resume involving different cities, companies and industries.

Karen’s team works hard to ensure the technology AGL people use to do their jobs every day runs smoothly and efficiently. That includes all the platforms employees use, ranging from email through to the meeting room booking system, plus our Service Desk and Smart Bars.

“I kind of fell into technology and found that I really enjoyed it. I’m glad I stayed in the IT area because the opportunities that exist now are far greater than when I first started out,” the Workplace Technologies Manager says.

“I’ve been really lucky to work for different companies across different industries in Australia and overseas, and that has really given me useful experience in different environments and given me the chance to work with and support different types of end users.”

Karen came to AGL two years ago by a contact who suggested she apply for an interesting role.

“Coming to work at AGL was an exciting opportunity for me because at the time there was focus being put on building up the Workplace Technology Function. It had not really existed in the same way as it does now so I was given the chance to build my team from scratch,” Karen says.

Things have changed rapidly over Karen’s career, which includes stints at Mastercard in London, TelstraClear in Wellington, New Zealand (since acquired by Vodafone) and Cadbury and Transurban in Melbourne.

“It was a much different function than it is today. There are so many more opportunities that are more than just fixing things that are broken,” she says.

“Every job has its challenges. For us it’s being able to provide a robust and reliable platform that suits the whole enterprise. Everyone has their own ideas on how things should work so it can be a challenge providing a consistent, compliant service and at the same time allowing people to work the way that suits them best.”

If you’re thinking about a career in technology just “go for it!”

Karen is grateful for the ever-evolving range of opportunities available in tech.

“If you think about the things you like – your passion – there’ll be some kind of role in technology that will allow you to do that. And if it doesn’t exist today, then it will probably exist tomorrow.”

For more information about tech career opportunities with AGL, and to see if AGL is the right match for you, visit https://www.agl.com.au/careers