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Our coders battle it out

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AGL Energy
15 July 2019

We’ve joined forces with a local start-up, putting our developers’ coding skills to the test to help keep our information safe.

Thirty AGL developers duelled last week in a tournament run by Secure Code Warrior - a gamified platform that helps software developers to solve security coding problems.

From London to Krakow – and right down to Australia – Secure Code Warrior run similar events across the globe, presenting participants with a series of vulnerable code challenges that ask them to identify the problem, locate the insecure code and fix the vulnerability.

Samm Macleod, AGL’s Chief Information Security Officer said the secure coding tournament allows our developers to practice their secure coding skills in a fun and healthy competitive environment.

‘Catching and addressing vulnerabilities in the development stage speeds up the delivery of new products for our customers.’

Mansi Saini, Success Manager at Secure Code Warrior, said that in building the platform they wanted it to be fun.

‘We’re not trying to teach developers how to code. We’re just there to tell them that there are different ways in which hacking can happen.’

All the challenges take inspiration from real life cyberattacks. Secure Code Warrior has a dedicated development and research team who study different attacks around the world.

Dan Kalifa, AGL’s Manager Security Engineering, agrees the tournament was enormously beneficial.

‘It has given us great analytics, both to identify potential security champions and look at areas that perhaps need improvement.

‘We’re exploring using Secure Code Warrior as a training platform for our developers to log into at any time to test their skills.’

So, who won?

In the end, team Code Crusaders took out first place and won the coveted Ironman bobblehead trophy, while Charlie Mathew, Digital Developer achieved the top score.


“I’ve been at AGL for a year and I think this has been one of my favourite events,” said Charlie.

“It was good timing, the concept was interesting and the pizza was a bonus!”