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Tech careers in focus: Lachlan White

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AGL Energy
18 June 2019

DevOps Architect Lachlan White took a less traditional path in his IT career – and couldn’t be happier.

Convincing his mum – a careers counsellor – that dropping out of his IT degree to work full-time was a more difficult proposition.

‘It didn’t really work for me at all,’ Lachlan said. ‘I just didn’t really get into it.’

He began a career with a financial company before the offer came to build the structure for AGL’s cloud technology, with a focus on automating processes that were previously manual and time-consuming. Reports that once took months to produce are now available much faster.

‘We’re really trying to push towards how we can become a ‘company of the future’, he said.

He loves the work and relishes the challenges it comes with.

‘The best days are when everything clicks – when things just fall into place. It might be a change in code that’s never been done before, and instantly being able to see that reflected in reports,’ he said.

‘There are also days when things don’t make sense, and they’re questioned wholeheartedly. You can disagree with something and have a really good, robust discussion to try to work out the solution.’

Among the recent successes is AGL Pump, a flexible digital platform for businesses to manage their energy procurement. Lachlan’s team helped their Wholesale Markets colleagues to build the platform in just weeks – a goal that wouldn’t previously have been possible.

Lachlan says strong executive sponsorship has been the impetus for such strong progress on automation and cloud adoption.

‘Cloud has been around for a few years now and AGL was a very early adopter – the day it launched we were on the cloud in Australia,’ he said.

‘What excites me is the potential to go beyond that: what’s next?

For more information about tech career opportunities with AGL, and to see if AGL is the right match for you, visit https://www.agl.com.au/about-agl/careers.