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When lightning strikes

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AGL Energy
15 May 2019

This spectacular photo of lightning over Bayswater Power Station was taken during a recent storm in the NSW Hunter Valley.

While it looks very close, the strike is actually behind the power station and so did not cause any damage. It does highlight however why power stations and other electricity network infrastructure has a range of lightning protection systems, preventing damage to plant and people.

Did you know?

Power stations like Bayswater, Liddell and Loy Yang have lightning rods at the top of the emission stacks, cooling towers and often on the boilers.

These lightning rods protect the structures themselves from a direct lightning strike. If lightning hits the stack or tower it will preferentially strike the rod and is then conducted safely to ground through a wire instead of passing through the structure. This helps prevent structural damage, fire or electrocution from the strike.

Safety is always our paramount concern

At AGL, our approach to safety is embedded in our business and we’ve worked hard to create a culture where safety, be it physical, emotional or environmental, is considered the highest priority and our greatest responsibility.

Our lighting rods are just one of the ways we proactively protect our people, generation assets, and ensure secure electricity supply for our customers and the community.