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Podcast: a 93,000km electric vehicle roadtrip

Chris Williamson
07 May 2019
Wiebe Wakker crossing the Nullabor in his converted Volkswagen Golf EV

AGL’s Content Producer Chris Williamson sat down with Wiebe Wakker, who is challenging the myth of the short-ranged electric vehicle with a 93,000km EV road trip.

Wiebe is the creator of the Plug Me In Project, which has taken him – and his EV, a converted VW Golf – across 33 countries from the Netherlands to Australia over three years, all without visiting a single petrol station.

Also covered in their conversation:

  • How Australia made him want to make the 93,000km road trip
  • Why the world’s biggest producer of oil is embracing renewables – in a big way
  • How infrastructure is the biggest hurdle facing the Australian market
  • Why EVs are perfect for Australian drivers
  • Why Coober Pedy is his favourite place