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Flexibility: the norm, not the exception

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AGL Energy
30 May 2019

A transformation is happening in Australia as employers and employees begin to shift away from traditional office spaces and working styles.

We are busier than ever; more and more, workers are looking for careers that they can fit around their schedule – rather than their schedule changing to fit work.

AGL recognises the necessity of a good work-life balance, and actively promotes this flexibility.

Sky News’ Innovation Forum series noted our fresh and open approach, where people can work flexibly and be appraised on output, rather than how many hours they sit at a desk.

‘In the world of corporate Australia, the move away from traditional office spaces is under way,’ the program notes.


AGL’s forward-thinking flexibility has been featured on Sky News’ Innovation Forum. Watch the video.

‘It’s not just the clothing and office technology that’s changing, but the workplace of the future is no longer nine-to-five.

‘In Melbourne’s Docklands, a change is taking place at AGL. Keen to dust off the reputation of a traditional corporate, here you’ll notice pretty much every aspect of office life is under the microscope.

It might be making an active family life a priority, following your passion into the kitchen or into the sky – or just having the space to deal with the unpredictability that life brings.

Watch Sky News’ Innovation Forum: Jobs of the Future here.