To some extent, we all feel it. Some days more than others, but finding the separation between work and life can be really challenging. And while there’s no solution that suits everyone, a flexible approach to flexibility, is how we’re encouraging our people to find that balance.

For Alex Clayton, a Wholesale Risk Compliance Analyst here at AGL, her passion for an active lifestyle could easily have been pushed aside by her young family and busy work schedule. But by embracing AGL’s approach to workplace flexibility, Alex has been able to find some of the balance we all hope for.

We are proud to share the stories of how some of our people are incorporating flexibility into their work life.

Meet Alex

Keeping fit and active has always been an important part of Alex’s life. During school, Alex was a fierce competitor in a wide range of sports – including Netball, Kyokushin Karate, Swimming, Cricket and Tennis. She achieved her first-degree black belt in 2011, after taking out the Victorian Women’s Light-Weight Full Contact Title for Kyokushin Karate in 2010 and competing in an international tournament in Nagoya, Japan.

Now, Alex works as a Wholesale Risk Compliance Analyst, but she hasn’t had to give up her passion and still regularly practices Kyokushin Karate and plays Women’s AFL for MCC Women’s Football Club.

Alex is also a devoted mother to her two young children – Charlie, 4, and Jasper, 2.

While juggling these work, family and sporting commitments can often be challenging, Alex says she feels lucky to work for an organisation that been so supportive of her life choices.

“AGL has always been great with its flexible working arrangements,” says Alex.

“I am an extremely active person, so achieving work-life balance was very important to me.”

Alex says her team leaders have always actively encouraged her sporting commitments, which have seen her receive many accolades. In 2018, Alex won the Highest Goal Kicker Award for her Women’s Football division, after kicking 36 goals during her first season (11 being the most in one game!!). Alex was granted leave to attend a special MCC members lunch, where she spoke about her achievements for the year.

Their support was demonstrated even further with the births of Alex’s two children.

“Through coupling my maternity and annual leave entitlements, I was able to extend the amount of time spent at home with both my children,” says Alex.

“This meant I could really bond with them, and we formed a strong, special foundation for our family.”


Alex returned to work part-time in March last year.

“I love that I am able to collect my kids from daycare at a reasonable time, that I can get home to prepare meals and still make a football training session,” she says.

“For me, that training time to myself is crucial, both from a physical and a social perspective. The best part about flexible working is that I can have it all – I can spend time with my children, maintain a career and still be a part of a high performing sporting team.”

There are many reported benefits of achieving work-life balance, including reduced stress, greater focus and higher levels of job satisfaction. According to Alex, it’s up to every person to identify the best arrangement that will suit their goals and those of the business.

“Work-life balance is so important for productivity and happiness,” says Alex.

“The ball’s in your court to figure out what works best for you. It’s all about give and take, and offering flexible working arrangements definitely allows employees to ‘have it all’ – whatever that looks like for different people!”

Want to know more?

At AGL, we are focused on driving outcomes for our customers and communities while offering our people flexibility in how they work.

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