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The importance of addressing affordability

Con Hristodoulidis
14 January 2019

We understand how important energy affordability is, and it can be a source of enormous stress. We want to help solve this.

Making energy more affordable for our customers, particularly those struggling to pay their bills, is a top priority for AGL.

Cutting prices and introducing safety net discount

In the last year we have reduced our prices and introduced a safety net discount for our Standing offer customers. In July 2018, AGL cut electricity prices across NSW, Qld and SA, and from 1 January we rolled out gas and electricity price reductions in Victoria.

Assistance for customers experiencing hardship

Last year we introduced new measures to identify and support hardship customers. In our FY18 financial results, we also announced $50 million of debt relief for hardship customers, a $6 million Energy Literacy fund to support and empower vulnerable customers and a $2 million program to provide dedicated assistance for small businesses.

In addition to our existing hardship policy across NSW, Qld and SA, we introduced a new hardship policy for our Victorian customers, Payment Support, in response to the Essential Services Commission’s (ESC) new Payment Difficulty Framework, which commenced 1 January 2019.

AGL offers hardship customers a higher level of assistance than under the various minimum regulatory frameworks, including our Here to Help tool and a range of Easy Ways to Pay options.

The program offers a range of assistance measures including access to financial counsellors, guaranteed discounts, payment plans, depending on circumstance placing bill payments missed on hold, energy reviews, audits and tips, and protection from disconnection.

Increasing energy supply

The best way to put downward pressure on energy prices is to make sure we have plenty of it, that’s why we are investing in new generation for the longer term. AGL has committed more than $2 billion to new electricity generation projects now under development. 


 Graphic updated following AGL's interim FY19 results.

There is still more to do and this will remain our focus

We acknowledge the energy sector is transforming rapidly and our job will never be ‘done’. We will always work to do more for our customers, the communities we operate and live in, and our people.