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Part 2: A conversation with Tony Wood from the Grattan Institute

Tony Wood
11 December 2018

AGL’s Senior Manager of Public Advocacy, Skye Laris in her conversation with Tony Wood, Energy Program Director at the Grattan Institute, talk about the energy and technology revolution.

“Energy underpins information and we are in an information revolution as well as an energy revolution if there is such a thing… We depend upon energy for that information. The Internet would not exist without electricity and if we are going down the route we expect, where we’re going to see the electrification of transport for example, that just means even more electricity.“ So what does this mean for the sector? Hear what Tony Wood has to say….

Also covered in this conversation:

  • Some of the challenges and opportunities driven by technology as we go through transition.
  • How technology can make a big difference, at managing demand peaks to the benefit of grid as well as residential and business consumers as well.
  • Managing the intermittency associated with increased renewables.
  • The under-utilisation of generation outside of demand peaks.
  • Consideration of what the energy sector will look like in another 5 years