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Behind the scenes at Broken Hill and Silverton

Chris Williamson
02 November 2018

G’Day! My name is Chris Williamson and I am a Digital Content Producer at AGL. My job requires me to travel A LOT - to AGL’s sites around Australia with a load of camera equipment, documenting the far and wide places AGL works in so we can turn the lights on in your home.

Day to day, I am fortunate enough to play storyteller, meeting with some of the amazing people who work at AGL and in the communities that we operate in. With the amount of travel I do, and the different people I get to meet, I wanted to share some of the stories from behind the scenes – because they’re pretty great too.


First stop on this adventure is a place which I had always wanted to visit but never thought I’d have the opportunity, Broken Hill. There are no words to accurately describe this town and its people but as this is a text based medium, I’ll give it a red-hot crack with numbers.

  • 17 Pubs
  • 300,000,000 tonnes of Iron Ore
  • 1 drag festival
  • 4 footy clubs
  • 20 art galleries
  • 53MW solar plant
  • 1 giant chair

Speaking of pubs, do yourself a favour and visit the Silverton Hotel if you’re ever out that way. Located about 30kms north west of Broken Hill, the Silverton Hotel is one of Australia’s most iconic pubs. Featuring in movies such as Mad Max, Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Mission Impossible II - the walls of this hotel are full of pictures documenting Hollywood’s time in Silverton. Peter Price, the Publican of the Hotel, has plenty of stories to accompany these images as we sit out the front of his hotel for a chat.

Amongst many other things, Pete talks to me about the Silverton Wind Farm which sits to the north of the hotel and can be seen in the distance. The difference between Silverton’s roads filled with donkeys, dogs and horses and the innovative future of renewable energy is a beautiful and unique contrast.

chris in article image 2018

“I just feel we can mix the old and the new. We need to move on in life. Look that way and you can 1884. Look that way and you can see 2018.”

AGL’s Marina Draper has done a wonderful job of keeping the Silverton community informed on all the stages of construction through the community dialogue group she regularly attends. If Regional Express had a frequent flyer system I’m certain she would almost be allowed to fly the plane these days… And in a recent trip, Marina and Peter from the Silverton Hotel caught up to talk about the transformation the town is undergoing as it becomes a renewable energy hub. Check out the video here.


After filming at the Silverton Hotel, I headed out to Mundi Mundi Lookout. Mundi Mundi Lookout is about a 30-minute drive from Broken Hill and is probably one of my favourite places on earth. I’ve been lucky enough to live in some incredible places (Maldives, Thailand, Barbados) but there is something so special about Mundi Mundi Lookout.


The vastness of the landscape makes you realise how tiny and insignificant you are. It is at the same time very humbling, haunting and reassuring. I feel very fortunate I can fit these travels into my day job and can say with certainty, if you’re ever in the area, do yourself a favour and check out some of these beautiful places. You won’t regret it.