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Part 2: A conversation with Gavin Dufty from St Vincent de Paul

Gavin Dufty
18 October 2018

“When we talk about climate change and decarbonising, people are talking 2050 and 2100... They are talking long-term, but we actually don't talk long-term for energy policy, like what do we do? Like do we have a hydrogen strategy? Do we have an electric vehicle strategy?” Hear more from Gavin Dufty on this, and much more...

Also covered in Tim and Gavin’s Podcast:

  • Following the NEG being abandoned in August, speculation on where to now?
  • Price dispersion and how it impacts energy prices.
  • Consideration of zonal, postage stamp and nodal pricing.
  • The concept that energy is a social good, rather than an individual good
  • Discussion of the NECF recommendations for more information on energy bills.