We are an energy utility. It’s an industry where the only constant is change: decentralisation and digitisation are driving waves of disruption of our traditional business models, and our customers are sourcing and consuming energy in new ways.

How can we evolve — and keep evolving — so that we can prosper by providing our customers with new, increasingly valuable, personalised and green products and services?

Using data and AI to make better decisions

AGL is in its third and final year of investing more than $400 million in ‘digital first’ projects.

During this transformation, we began to embed ‘design thinking’ practices, customer-centricity and ‘agile’ ways of working. Now, we’re building on those platforms with a combination of techniques and technologies that will enable us to service our customers’ needs.

We use design-thinking to identify high-value problems, then apply artificial intelligence (AI) or traditional analytics when they make sense. And we don’t suffer from a lack of data – with the increasing digitisation of our customer experience and penetration of smart meters, rooftop solar, batteries and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

A well-architected data platform on the ‘cloud’ provides us with an ability to store and access that data in a way that enables the speed and elasticity we need to generate continuous insights and empower our customers in an increasingly complex and fast-changing energy environment.

We have a framework called ‘ARC’, which allows us to harvest and use large data sets like those collected by smart meters.

And our existing Operational Technology Platform measures thousands of data points every second at AGL power plants and uses complex statistical models to detect potential issues. We’ll be extending this platform by training artificial intelligence to detect complex failure modes and support predictive maintenance.

We’re also using machine learning and predictive analytics technologies to revolutionise the way we transform and trade energy. We’ll be depending on AI to optimise the system as it becomes more decentralised, more varied, and decisions are made in increasingly near real time.

Bringing together our unwavering commitment to customer-centricity (identifying the right problems and the right solutions through ‘design thinking’) with technology (AI supported by ‘big data’ and ‘cloud’), we are transforming AGL into an energy technology company of the future.

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