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Lighting the way to a reduction in emissions

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AGL Energy
10 September 2018

Light bulbs are small, so how much difference can a high efficiency light bulb really make?

Well, when there are 45,000 lights, and still counting, installing high efficiency lights bulbs can make a massive difference.

We have just committed $11m to Stage 1 of a major transformation of our lighting across AGL’s operating facilities. Thought to be one of the largest lighting upgrades of its kind, this project will be delivered by the Business Energy Solutions team, who have been delivering lighting upgrade projects for our commercial and industrial customers for years.

There are numerous benefits to updating, in some cases original light fittings, with the latest LED technology and daylight sensors.

What are the benefits?

  • A material reduction in our carbon impact with an estimated reduction of 35,000 tCO2e/y – this is the equivalent of taking over 10,500 cars off the road for a year.
  • Improved and consistent lux levels will make a significant improvement to working conditions.
  • An expected 70% reduction in lighting maintenance by consequence, will mean our people spend less time working from heights.
  • The reduction in our internal energy usage from this project will increase the net capacity of our generation assets by 3.5 MW.


Stage 1 – Lighting upgrade of our thermal assets. Expected completion in 2019.
Stage 2 – Lighting upgrade of our renewables assets and gas operations.