23 minute read

A conversation with Gavin Dufty from St Vincent de Paul

Gavin Dufty
28 September 2018

We all know Vinnies, but how does a charity dating back to the 1800s, became involved in energy policy in Australia? Hear the story and a lot more from Gavin Dufty, Manager of Policy and Research at St Vincent de Paul.

Also covered in Tim and Gavin’s Podcast:

  • What a tariff tracker is, and how it works.
  • The need for a long-term view of consumers and their ongoing energy use.
  • What cost reflective pricing should like into the future.
  • The concept of a sharing economy and how that works from an electricity system perspective.
  • How do we as industry overcome access to solar, so that it doesn’t result in some people being left behind.