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Part 2: A conversation with Fiona Orton, Future Grid Manager from TransGrid

Fiona Orton
30 August 2018


Listen to Part 2 of our new podcast series with Fiona Orton, Future Grid Manager at TransGrid and AGL’s Chief Economist, Tim Nelson.

“The notion with peak demand and electricity tends to be, well, just keep building to meet these very low probability, high consequence events. So, it’s great to see that transmission providers, like other parts of the supply chain, are thinking - well how do I minimise the cost to the consumer and reduce the risk to the shareholders, by not deploying assets that are going to have poor utilisation rates”.

Hear how Fiona responds.

What else is covered?

  • How a transmission provider thinks of different generation technologies like variable renewables, firming gas and traditional coal.
  • The role of interconnection in a modern generation system.
  • System requirements to ensure security and resilience.
  • The impact on the Grid with the uptake of roof-top solar and battery.