Over a year ago, AGL, along with other energy retailers, committed to improving how we present discounts to customers. Since that time, we’ve worked hard to make it easier for our customers to understand our discounts.

As part of this, we’ve been working closely with the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) on the launch of their updated Energy Made Easy website, to help customers to compare electricity and gas offers and understand their energy bills.

A team of people from across AGL provided submissions into the inclusions and design of the site, as well as conducting consumer testing on the look, feel and language of the revised energy plan, cost comparison tool, Energy Made Easy.

How does this site help?

We understand that the energy market isn’t necessarily simple. There are numerous different rates and packages that residential and small business energy customers can opt for, from a variety of different retailers.

The site is a one stop for available plans, that doesn’t endorse or recommend any particular plan or provider. It simply shows customers what is available, under what terms. Customers can interact with the site, filtering cost comparison results by discounts, fees, payment type, contract term, provider and billing periods. All results are shown with and without discounts applied, so customers really know what they’re in for.

Customers can also compare their residential electricity usage against other local households and to learn about energy related topics such as energy efficiency, contracts, bills, consumer rights, and the energy market.


Greater transparency for customers

The new website has only just launched, but this is only the first stage of improvements and we anticipate some further changes later in the year as well as the start of 2019.