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What is the Liddell Innovation Project?

Cameron Reid
Cameron Reid
31 July 2018

Earlier in July, AGL officially launched the Liddell Innovation Project. This project is the latest in a series of steps to achieve a just transition to a lower carbon future.

The Liddell Innovation Project is complementary to AGL’s NSW Generation Plan to repurpose parts of the Liddell site to help replace the energy needed when Liddell retires in 2022. However, we want to ensure the whole site is used to benefit the community for decades to come, and the Liddell Innovation Project will help make that happen.

Together these two initiatives focus on addressing the energy, social and economic impacts of transition to a lower carbon future.

The Innovation Project is essentially a ’call for ideas’ from organisations for the optimal use of available Liddell land and resources. We are seeking proposals that will deliver social and commercial value for the Liddell site, our people and local community, following the end of coal-fired generation at Liddell in 2022.

Proposals generated will be assessed against a multifaceted set of criteria through a tender process (outlined below). The assessment criteria reflect AGL’s intent to work alongside industry, the community and our people to best manage the local and regional challenges of transition, while maximising the opportunities transition presents.


Committed to an orderly transition

AGL has demonstrated a commitment to an orderly transition at Liddell in several ways:

  • giving seven year's notice of Liddell’s retirement under our Greenhouse Gas Policy,
  • proactive reporting on our approach to rehabilitation,
  • developing the NSW Generation Plan.

The Innovation Project is intentionally open to diverse and creative ideas, seeking not to constrain proposals that may be received. We hope that by engaging with community, business, industry, investment, finance and service organisations across the country, we will capture a range of potential developments to consider.

The Innovation Project aims to attract and identify proposals which utilise the available assets and characteristics of the Liddell site; access to water, transport infrastructure, land and a skilled workforce.

Importantly, proposals will be assessed individually and collectively. That is, while individual projects will be assessed on their merits, they will also be viewed alongside other proposals so AGL can identify where separate proposals may be symbiotic or complementary or otherwise aligned. By taking this wholistic approach we hope to optimise the outcomes of the overall project for the community.

Working with the Hunter Region

We believe the Hunter region and the Liddell site is an attractive and viable location for potential development – be it energy, industry or agricultural development, or perhaps other bespoke opportunities we haven’t yet considered.

The Liddell Innovation Project builds on the knowledge and work of the Hunter Energy Transition Alliance (HETA), formed in 2015 to further job creation and economic diversification as the energy industry transitions in the Hunter Region.

HETA will play a central role, alongside formal community and employee dialogue forums in providing pathways for engagement with local communities, industry and stakeholders.

Long-term focus is required

As a key player in the energy industry, we recognise our responsibility to be a part of this transition and to responsibly and respectfully work with our stakeholders to ensure the best possible outcomes. Our responsibility is to develop an effective template for the successful transition and retirement of long-lived generation assets across the country.

We are confident the Liddell Innovation Project is a positive step towards developing this template for other regions to follow.

If you would like to learn more about the Liddell Innovation Project, please get in contact at transition@agl.com.au