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Part 2: A Conversation with Tim Jordan from the CEFC

Listen to part 2 of our new podcast series with Tim Jordan from the CEFC and AGL’s Chief Economist Tim Nelson.

Tim Jordan
Tim Jordan
13 July 2018


“With all of the things that have happened with our sector over the last 15 years, if we could have our time again; that's government, our industry and civil society generally, what are some of the things we could have done to provide for a more orderly transition to some of the new technologies we've seen?”

Hear how Tim Jordan and Tim Nelson respond…

What else is covered:

  • Rapid reduction in costs in new technology and renewable generation.
  • How Australia is contributing to emissions reductions and the 2 degree budget.
  • The need for long-term and durable climate policies.
  • The work being done in the agriculture sector to reduce Australia’s emissions.
  • The nature of energy demand and how it has changed.