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Energy knowledge to empower a positive future for Australia

The energy market is more complex than ever. The sector is transitioning from traditional energy generation to flexible and more renewable sources of energy. At the same time, we’re dealing with customers’ changing expectations driven by the rise of digital channels and mobile technology.

Hayley Greensmith
Hayley Greensmith
29 June 2018

AGL’s new content platform ‘The Hub’ will fill a gap in the information available to Australians who want to be informed about how the energy industry works and how it is rapidly changing due to advances in technology, regulation and customer expectations.

We’re proud to help lead the energy transition in Australia, from new initiatives in wind 'firming' through to advancements in customer technologies. We want to ensure that all our stakeholders have access to information about what is happening in the energy industry. We believe that clearly communicating the issues that the sector is facing, will be essential to driving progress.

We’ve been working for a long-time to untangle the often confusing information about energy for our customers and stakeholders, and content within ‘The Hub’, will apply a wide lens as we look at the issues the sector faces.

‘The Hub’ will give a voice to experts from AGL and the broader energy industry to discuss what's going on in the sector.  And you can see this in the articles available on ‘The Hub’, including:

  • our own Phaedra Deckart’s explanation of how the importation of gas through our proposed jetty at Crib Point will help to bring more security to the East Coast gas supply
  • a podcast interview with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation’s Tim Jordan on the state of the clean energy industry, and
  • discussion on the principles for successful wholesale electricity market design from KPMG's Cassandra Hogan.  

What will you find here?

‘The Hub’ will feature reliable and valuable data-rich energy sector resources such as infographics,  videos, and podcasts to help explain the rapidly changing industry.