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AEW2018 in review

Some of AGL's leadership team have been sharing insights at Australian Energy Week #AEW2018. Take a deep dive into that content here.

Hayley Greensmith
Hayley Greensmith
11 May 2018

Australian Energy Week (AEW2018) is in the spotlight after representatives from across the energy value chain convened in Melbourne to share insights on an evolving energy market.
Some key discussion points coming out of AEW2018 include:

  • Outlook of Australia’s Energy Market - overcoming today’s challenges, the evolving energy mix and how technology is driving change.
  • Future Grid – ensuring the grid continues to be an enabler in the energy market and embracing innovation to drive efficiency and manage intermittency.
  • NextGen Generation – the role of hydro and storage backed renewables in a future energy mix and developing policy framework to support decarbonisation.
  • Demand Response – how it can assist in providing stability and examining the role it plays in peak Summer conditions.
  • Rethinking Retail – how the retail model is evolving with greater focus on customer engagement and embracing technology.
  • Energy Policy – overcoming the policy challenges of today and understanding the implications of upcoming changes.

What did AGL have to say?

Over the course of two days representatives from AGL contributed to the discussion, providing perspectives on the future of generation, encouraging investment in new energy supply, and customer engagement.

Tim Nelson, AGL’s Chief Economist, spoke on changing technology and the future of generation in NSW.

Some highlights from Tim’s presentation included:


  • How renewables represent the lowest long-run marginal cost of energy.
  • Examining a medium-term ‘optimal plant mix’ that includes a transition to gas-fired peaking units and demand response.
  • Looking long-term to renewable energy that is complemented by pumped hydro and battery storage to allow energy to be consumed at times when it is needed.
  • How the National Energy Guarantee could help drive a change in energy mix and more innovative products.


See Tim’s full presentation here.

Brett Redman, AGL’s Chief Financial Officer, spoke on how AGL is using innovation in financing models to help drive investment in new energy supply.

Some highlights from Brett’s presentation included:

  • How AGL is contributing to the development of new generation and firming generation.
  • The role of the Powering Australian Renewables Fund in stimulating large-scale renewable development.
  • Identifying the financing opportunity to support the transition to a low carbon future.
  • The role of the National Energy Guarantee in providing certainty for investment and innovation.

See Brett’s full presentation here.

Melissa Reynolds, AGL’s Chief Customer Officer, spoke on how AGL is rethinking customer engagement.

Some highlights from Melissa’s presentation included:

  • Unpacking the drivers behind evolving customer expectations – what do customers really want?
  • Meeting universal expectations of price, value and transparency, ease and simplicity and trust.
  • Evolving expectations in the energy space around personalisation, control and energy efficiency.
  • How AGL is proactively meeting and exceeding these expectations with its customer centric culture.

See Melissa’s full presentation here.

And that’s a wrap on Australian Energy week for 2018!