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Why we need to #PressForProgress

Video from AGL Non-Executive Director Diane Smith-Gander on International Women's Day.

Hayley Greensmith
Hayley Greensmith
08 March 2018

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2018, our people were joined by AGL’s Non-Executive Director Diane Smith-Gander for a conversation about gender equality.

Diane is a vocal advocate of gender equality in business and is known for addressing tough issues and challenges.

Watch the video below to learn more about what International Women’s Day means to Diane, and her thoughts on some of the barriers to women achieving equality in the workplace.

Highlights from our International Women’s Day session with Diane Smith-Gander

Progress demands courageous conversations

  • Diane says we must have conversations that are timely, two-way and honest. Be thoughtful and empathetic and embrace different perspectives. Remember that it’s ok to fail.
Surround yourself with mentors and supporters
  • Prepare yourself for challenging conversations with both mentors and supporters.
  • “You can have a lot of mentors in your career, but the three or four people who are your supporters are going to be the ones that deliver for you,” says Diane.
  • Supporters are your advocates – the people who know how you operate and will build your exposure.
Be yourself
  • The best style is your style, says Diane.
  • “If you try to change your style and be someone you are not, everyone is just going to see the non-authentic you.
  • “But you do need to be known for something. You need to have a perspective. And you need to tell that thing you are known for, fearlessly.”