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AGL joins Good Shepherd Microfinance Financial Inclusion Action Plan

Our plan was launched on March 21st as part of the FIAP annual report and I was privileged to represent AGL, as we were acknowledged for our commitment to this program.

Gabby Sundstrom
23 March 2018

So we’ve joined along with 29 other organisations, in supporting the Good Shepherd Microfinance Financial Inclusion Action Plan, a joint initiative to help some of Australia's 2.4 million people who are experiencing severe financial vulnerability.

Leading this initiative at AGL has been highly rewarding. A group of FIAP champions has been established across the organisation to be responsible for delivery of these actions, elevating the importance of financial inclusion within their respective teams. Programs like FIAP help to make inclusion part of the everyday decision-making process, and our champions are leading the way already coming up with ideas for what could be next.

Our plan commits to 15 actions which will be delivered across different parts of the organisation and includes improving the way we work with our local suppliers, simplifying our products and services, continuing to support our customers through flexible payment arrangements and making it easier to access concessions and grants.

Some other highlights from our commitments include:

  • Researching a program to support our people who may be experiencing financial difficulty.
  • Advocating for support measures which deliver an adequate social safety net for all Australians.
  • Continuing to invest in products that enable customers to be more engaged with their energy, such as Energy Insights.

You can see our full plan here.