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Reliability and availability statistics

Tim Nelson
Tim Nelson
16 January 2018

Given the ongoing discussion about reliability and availability of electricity generators, I thought it would be useful to provide some historical information. AGL has disclosed this information through our Sustainability Report for several years. We disclose both availability statistics and capacity factors. For the past few years, the equivalent availability factor of AGL’s two largest plants (Bayswater and Loy Yang) have exceeded the benchmark used in our reporting – sourced from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (2014) Generating Unit Statistics.

AGL operates 10,246 MW of electricity generation assets across Australia, 1,890 MW of which is renewable. We maintain a portfolio of generation assets to ensure overall reliability without relying on a single unit, or even a single site. We plan throughout the year for the hottest periods of the summer months to ensure we are in a strong position for our customers and the safety of our people. Our people perform extensive summer readiness checks on each unit and there are market alert day processes to ensure riskier work is not undertaken during critical times.