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Customers right to access their data

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AGL Energy
28 November 2017

On Sunday 26 November,  the Federal Government announced that it will introduce a new legal right for consumers to access data about how they use their energy, banking, internet and phone services.

We look forward to further consultation with industry by the Federal Government in developing this further.

At AGL,  we believe that our customers should be provided with easy access to their own consumption data, and that our customers should retain direct control over who is permitted access to their data (other than regulated entities for market settlement and other regulated purposes). We also recognise that the ability to harness insights from customers' data drives product and service innovation, which is in our customers’ best interest.

During FY17, we formalised new Data Policy Principles:

  • We are committed to managing customer data6 lawfully and responsibly, and to protecting its unauthorised access.
  • We will provide customers (and their authorised representatives) easy access to their energy consumption data.
  • We will continue to develop products and services that enable customers to ‘make sense’ of their energy consumption data and better monitor and manage their energy use.
  • We will use customer insights obtained from data to create innovative products and services for customers that will enhance the customer experience.
  • We operate as a custodian of customer data and will ensure that customers retain control over who else is permitted access to that data (other than regulated entities for market settlement and other regulated purposes).
  • We are committed to responsibly engaging with all our stakeholders (customers, investors, communities, policy-makers and employees) to ensure that our business, and the broader energy industry, continue to collect, use and protect customer data in a manner that is consistent with community expectations, and is in the best interests of customers.

You can access more information from our 2017 Sustainability Report through this link: http://agl2017.reportonline.com.au/sustainabilityreport/customers/customer-experience