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AGL announces loyalty discount for Victorian customers

Richard Clifton-Smith
27 November 2017

We're pleased to announce an exciting discount for our loyal Victorian customers. Under the loyalty discount, customers in Victoria on a standing offer who have been with AGL for two years or more will receive an automatic 10 per cent off their current electricity usage and supply charges.

AGL provides a range of competitive market offers to customers; however, we recognise that many customers have not contacted their energy provider to explore better deals, and so remain on standing offers.

The discount will be applied to eligible customers on January 1, and continue for those customers for the next twelve months.

This won’t affect our concession customers on standing offers, who have been receiving an automatic discount since 2015, which was increased to 15% off usage, as part of AGL’s A Fairer Way package in March.

In addition, AGL is looking to implement a loyalty discount for standing offer customers in other States as part of its annual review of electricity prices.

To learn more about what AGL is doing to provide affordable energy to our customers, visit our Sustainability Report.