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Employee engagement - FY17 performance

Kurt Winter
24 October 2017

Employee engagement measures the degree to which people are connected to the company they work for, and is a core metric for measuring the health and success of an organisation.

To help build our culture and drive engagement, AGL Energy (AGL) is focusing on:

  • aligning, connecting and consistently reinforcing our strategy
  • making the customer connection stronger for everyone at AGL
  • refreshing our values aligning them closely to our strategy
  • creating a vision of leadership for the future, and
  • defining new ways of working that become our habits.

As identified in our FY16 Sustainability Report, AGL now measures engagement every two years. This change aims to provide sufficient time and opportunity to plan, deliver and measure outcomes of engagement action plans.

Refreshing our values

AGL's values guide the desired behaviours, attitudes and decision-making practices of our people as they go about their work each day. With our new company identity, we’ve taken the opportunity during FY17 to refresh our values to bring to life the behaviours that will support our new direction and purpose.

The new values were developed with a range of inputs and in consultation with AGL people (including the Executive Team and their direct reports), and customer insights gained through our brand work. They have a strong link to our previous values and emphasise the new thinking and practices that will underpin our success as we move forward.

Our people are being introduced to the new values through a range of initiatives, with the aim to build strong alignment between the company’s values and employees’ individual values and drivers, which is a key factor in driving employee engagement.

Our values are:

  • Safety and beyond: Caring about our people, making it safe to speak up.

In our business safety comes first, because physical and mental wellbeing are fundamental to a successful workplace. We create a supportive environment, where we feel safe to challenge the norm, to speak up, to say what we mean. Safety is a shared responsibility; by taking care of each other, AGL becomes a better business for all.

  • Sustainable thinking: Thinking of the future today, creating a sustainable tomorrow.

Taking care of the environment and the community we operate in, is something we consider in everything we do. We are future-focused, proactive and adaptable to change. Every decision we make today is based on always thinking ahead to find the right path forward.

  • Inclusive of all: Inclusive of all experiences, united in our success.

We welcome all and harness our diversity through trust and respect for one another. We seek diverse views, enriching our thinking to drive greater performance. We all work together for the success of AGL.

  • Focused on what matters: Focused on our customers, going further to deliver value.

All that we do leads to our customers so we consider them in everything we do, and strive to enrich their experience. We relentlessly push ourselves to go further, to not only improve what we do but to exceed expectations. We give our focus and energy to all the things that matter to AGL’s success, always acting honestly and with integrity.

For further information on AGL's performance see our FY17 Sustainability Report