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AGL's engagement with the community

Richard Clifton-Smith
04 October 2017

We're Australia's largest electricity generating business, operating assets and developing projects in local communities across four Australian states.  We recognise that to be successful in delivering reliable, sustainable energy we need to be a trusted and respected member of the communities in which we operate. We aim to conduct our activities in ways that contribute enduring benefits to these communities and work with them to mitigate impacts of our activities.

During FY17, we implemented a new Community Engagement Policy, which sets benchmark commitments for how we engage with communities, including to:

  • Be proactive: We will engage with communities early and often, so that we understand and respond to their interests and concerns.
  • Be flexible and inclusive: We will offer a range of engagement opportunities that are tailored to the variety of needs and preferences of the communities in which we operate.
  • Be transparent: We will act honestly and ethically in all our dealings with the communities in which we operate.
  • Support our employees and contractors to engage well: We will provide tools, peer support and training to enable our staff to deliver on our commitment.
  • Continuously improve our engagement: We will evaluate the effectiveness of our engagement and modify it as needed to ensure that our activities address community needs and expectations.

We prioritise open, transparent, and honest communication and engagement with local communities through a range of different channels. These include:

  • holding regular Community Consultative Committee (CCC) or Community Dialogue Group (CDG) meetings in many of our project areas
  • sharing information about our assets, and being available to answer questions on our 24-hour community complaints and feedback hotline and at our local project offices
  • hosting community events and site tours
  • holding public information sessions
  • undertaking regular letter box drops to inform local residents of our activities, and
  • publishing electronic newsletters and community updates in local newspapers, on social media and on our website.

During FY17 we also developed a Complaints Management Framework, which provides a consistent approach to managing, recording and responding to complaints and feedback received from members of the community. In the coming months we'll be releasing the Complaints Management Framework for public exhibition and feedback.

For further detail on how we engage with communities, including highlights of our activities across our major assets, visit the 2017 Sustainability Report.

Visit the community investment section to learn more about how we invest in the communities in which we operate.