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AGL partners with CitySmart in 'Reduce Your Juice' energy efficiency initiative

Eleanor McCracken-Hewson
09 October 2017

In collaboration with CitySmart, AGL is offering our Brisbane customers the opportunity to participate in an innovative online energy efficiency program.

Reduce Your Juice’ is a unique behaviour-change program, combining digital gamification and social media to help participants implement simple ideas to save money on their electricity bills.

AGL customers living in Brisbane who sign up to the Reduce Your Juice program will play app-based games on their mobile devices and participate in social media communities.

By playing games, performing energy-saving activities and sharing their experience with a social media community, our customers can learn about energy efficiency including tips for how to reduce their electricity consumption all while having fun.

Brisbane customers* are being invited to participate in the two-month program and may be eligible to win from a prize pool worth $35,000 including energy efficient appliances, gift cards and vouchers.

The program is run by CitySmart, a not-for-profit sustainability enterprise created by the Brisbane City Council. CitySmart has reported that participants saved an average of $55** on their first power bill after completing the Reduce Your Juice program.

AGL’s support for the program is part of our broader Affordability Initiative announced in late 2014 and an important exploration of alternative means of enhancing customer engagement and control around energy usage.

Learn more about the Reduce Your Juice program here:

* Although customers outside of Brisbane can download the app, the current program (with social media communities, energy saving tips and prize pool) is only open to Brisbane-based customers.

** CitySmart figures show households in Brisbane and surrounding areas with an average of 3-4 people and four bedrooms and one bathroom that participated in the program in 2015 saved an average of $54.82, which was about 10 percent of their previous bill before the program.