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FY2017 Employee Giving and Fundraising

Marg Mitchell
12 September 2017

With the recent release of AGL's Sustainability Report, it is my pleasure to draw your attention to how AGL people give back to charities they are passionate about.

AGL's employee giving program (or workplace giving) matches employees pre-tax payroll deductions to AGL's Energy for Life charity partners dollar for dollar (up to $200,000 annually), doubling our impact!  As reported in the FY17 Sustainability report, we have 8.3% of our people donating through employee giving with the average donation being approximately $320 per year.

As well as employee giving AGL people held fundraising events throughout the year for those same 12 charities.  AGL matches all funds raised for our charities up to $5,000 per event. Our most successful fundraiser was in partnership with CARE Australia, trialing their new Disaster Response Depot fundraising platform.  AGL people donated emergency supplies to 'virtual pallets' to restock CARE Australia's Brisbane warehouse. Helping to stock CARE's warehouse with items like emergency shelter kits means that CARE have the tools and supplies needed to respond quickly when disasters happen.  Being prepared saves lives and money. AGL raised over $26,000 for CARE Australia through their Disaster Response Depot fundraiser (including donations from AGL people and AGL matching).

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