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FY17 sustainability targets and performance

Richard Clifton-Smith
07 September 2017

Setting sustainability targets is important to drive continual improvement, set benchmarks for behaviours, and demonstrate transparency to our stakeholders.  In FY17 we established a total of 24 targets relating to a range of topics, such as: how we operate, customers, community, AGL people, the environment, and economic performance.

Our scorecard shows how we performed against the targets we set for FY17, and shows the new targets that have been set to guide our performance in FY18 and beyond.

We're proud to have achieved 22 of the 24 targets we set ourselves for FY17. Unfortunately, we did not meet the two targets below.

Community investment

We set ourselves a target for FY17 to achieve a volunteering participation rate of 35% (by headcount). Unfortunately, only 16% of our people recorded a volunteering leave day in FY17, down from 22% in FY16. Despite falling short of our goals, we are proud that this represented 4,386 hours given back to the community by our people.

Recognising the importance of leadership support for the success of employee volunteering, we've revised the FY18 target to focus on the volunteering participation rate of AGL's Enterprise Leadership Team (90% based on head count basis).

Ethical conduct

We recognise the importance of ethical conduct at work, as set out in the AGL Code of Conduct. For FY17 we set ourselves a target of zero substantiated issues relating to unacceptable behaviour in the workplace. Disappointingly, eight such substantiated issues were recorded during the year. Each of these issues were investigated and appropriate corrective actions have been taken.

In order to focus on the highest risk issues relating to ethical conduct, we've set ourselves an amended target for FY18, namely: zero substantiated issues relating to unacceptable behaviour in the workplace ranked as high or greater according to AGL’s risk management process.

For more information on our sustainability performance over FY17, and our goals for next year, visit the sustainability targets & performance summary page.