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AGL FY17 Sustainability Report launched

Cathlin Thurbon
Cathlin Thurbon
25 August 2017

Today we were very proud to release our FY17 Sustainability Report. This report provides our stakeholders with an account of our sustainability performance over the last year. It focuses on the things that matter most to us, and to our stakeholders - our ‘material issues’ - and aims to provide thought leadership on important and emerging issues for our business, our industry, and the broader community.

This year, our online Sustainability and Annual report are co-located within a single online reporting hub – the AGL 2017 Reporting Suite, providing a more integrated, ‘one-stop-shop’ for stakeholders who want to find out about our environmental, social and economic performance alongside our financial performance.

Key elements of our report comprise:

As well as the Rehabilitation Report (which was launched earlier in August), we have also released a supplementary Social and Economic Inclusion Report, which explores some of the macro trends shaping social and economic inclusion in Australia, and considers the ways in which these trends impact on access to affordable energy supplies and participation in the technology-driven energy market transformation. It sets out why we consider it important for AGL, as a provider of an essential service, to actively engage in policy dialogue on these issues and to take positive action which contributes to the achievement of a more socially and economically inclusive society.

Preparing the sustainability report is a massive undertaking, involving many months of preparation and hard work. But, it is a real privilege to be able to chronicle the achievements (both big and small) made by people right across our business as we work together to help create a sustainable energy future for Australia.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be unpacking various elements of the report on our blog, and we’d love everyone to get involved by posting comments or questions about how we’ve performed over the year, and where we are heading in FY18 and beyond.