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Interactive snapshot: renewable energy - How do Australia's 'big 3' energy retailers compare?

Richard Clifton-Smith
01 June 2017

Last month AGL released an ad campaign announcing our commitment to get out of coal, starting in 2022 and ending in 2050. At the time, our CEO Andy Vesey, wrote that "the challenge for us is that we’re embarking on something incredibly complex but the communications environment demands a simple explanation. There isn’t one."

One example of this complex communications environment is the area of investment in renewable energy. How does anyone who isn't already in energy policy circles conceptualise or compare the rate of investment in renewable energy generation?

Well, our team has come up with a neat way of unpacking some of these issues using real data that's publicly available, making it more accessible to consumers.

Our Interactive Snapshot: Renewable Energy page is an interactive tool that allows users to guess how Australia's 'big 3' energy retailers compare on solar and wind energy generation, as well as track how AGL has progressed in renewables generation over time.

Renewables will continue to play a vital part of Australia’s energy mix into the future - this tool helps add some context of our investments in renewables, and our plan for the future.

Have a go here, the results might surprise you.

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