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AGL seeks extension of Project Approval for proposed Dalton Power Station

Rosanna Vazey
16 March 2017

After prolonged suspension of the project, AGL has shown renewed interest in the proposed gas-fired Power Station in Dalton in southern NSW by applying for a two-year extension to the Project Approval.

Originally approved by the NSW Government in mid-2012 for a gas turbine peaking power station of up to 1,000 MW, AGL suspended the project later that same year due to market conditions.

The market landscape has since changed significantly, as Australia is transitioning to a carbon constrained economy, according to AGL Project Director Nigel Bean. Bearing this in mind, AGL has lodged application for extension of the current Project Approval, which is due to lapse on 30 June 2017, to give further consideration to whether the station is required.

The energy landscape has changed and ensuring secure, reliable and affordable energy supply for the state is a priority.

The proposed Dalton Power Station provides an option for AGL to help NSW meet peak demand and manage its energy security.

The Dalton Power Station has been designed as a peaking plant so it could add additional generation capacity to the grid as more supply is needed. Also, gas fired turbines operating in an open cycle arrangement are a very effective method of complementing intermittent renewable generation sources,” explained Mr Bean.

The two-year modification would enable AGL to review the proposed power station in line with new technologies and energy market conditions as well as consult with the local community, landholders and other stakeholders about their views and insights on any potential project.

The NSW Department of Planning & Environment will exhibit the extension application from Thursday 16 March 2017 to Friday 31 March 2017.

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