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AGL and its people donate $26,274 to CARE Australia’s Disaster Response Depot

Marg Mitchell
15 March 2017

During the month of February, AGL was the first corporate partner to fundraise for CARE’s brand new Disaster Response Depot.

The Disaster Response Depot is a way for Australians to help families and communities before disaster strikes. Communities that are better prepared for a humanitarian emergency before it happens can respond and recover much faster than communities which are unprepared.

However, donations and funding usually only comes in the aftermath of a disaster. CARE wants to turn this around and raise much-needed funds to support efforts to prepare ahead of time.

Activities like training communities what to do when a typhoon or earthquake hits, and pre-positioning emergency supplies such as water purification tablets and hygiene kits in strategically located warehouses helps CARE to respond immediately, saving lives, and helping communities recover from disaster much faster.

Through CARE’s Disaster Response Depot fundraising platform, each Executive General Manager at AGL built a ‘virtual pallet’ (or shopping list) of emergency supplies for their business unit. AGL people were encouraged to donate one or more of these items to their business unit pallet, with the price of the emergency supplies ranging from $5 to $80 per item.

Items available for purchase include: blankets ($10), basic tool kits ($20), emergency shelters ($40) and handwashing kits ($80).

AGL people also raised money for the Depot by holding an ice cream sale, sausage sizzles and cake stalls. The money raised was used to purchase items from the Depot.

To raise awareness of the fundraiser and of the work of CARE Australia more broadly, presentations were held in AGL’s Melbourne and Sydney offices, where employees were lucky to hear from Mark Shortman, General Manager, Operations Support and HSE who gave an insight into his personal experience working in disaster zones. Guest speaker Olivia Zinzan, one of the CARE Emergency Response personnel also shared her inspirational experiences working in some of the world’s poorest communities.

At the end of the month of fundraising for CARE Australia, AGL people donated $13,452 through the Disaster Response Depot. With AGL’s dollar matching (up to $5,000 per business unit pallet), AGL are proudly giving $26,274 to CARE Australia.

Being prepared and stockpiling goods saves lives and money. Research shows that being prepared has up to seven times the impact of a donation made during an emergency response. That means AGL’s donation could have an impact of up to $183,000.

During this month of fundraising, famine was declared in parts of South Sudan following more than three years of violent conflict. Families are barely surviving on leaves and roots to eat and children are suffering from excruciating hunger. CARE Australia are delivering lifesaving food, water and medical care to families in desperate need. CARE Australia have advised that part of the fundraising AGL people contributed to will be helping those families in need.

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