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Water Management

Theo Comino
23 September 2016

The sustainable management of water resources, both quality and quantity, is a critical environmental issue in Australia and of direct relevance to AGL’s business.

In October 2014, AGL launched the AGL Water Portal, which gives the community direct access to the same water monitoring data that is made available to AGL scientists, regulators and the government. The AGL Water Portal provides water levels and electrical conductivity along with recent water quality information from monitoring points across our project areas, with many of the bores transmitting live information. Given AGL’s strategic decisions outlined above, the Water Portal was decommissioned for the Hunter and Gloucester Gas Projects during FY2016. Data continued to be displayed for the Camden Gas Project for the duration of FY2016.

The volume of water produced in FY2016 increased to 2.6 ML from 2.1 ML in FY2015, and arose entirely from the Camden Gas Project which is AGL's only field that produces water.

produced-waterDuring FY2016, AGL completed the flow testing of four Waukivory gas wells that were drilled around three years earlier, located within the Stage 1 area of the Gloucester Gas Project. The wells had been drilled into the deep coal seams and completely sealed off from surrounding rock layers and beneficial aquifers. The purpose of the pilot project was to gather data from the wells to show how much water is produced from the coal seams, to assess the natural gas potential of the wells, and to determine the impact (if any) on overlying groundwater systems. As at the end of FY2016, these wells were shut-in (capped and suspended) pending decommissioning scheduled for Q1 FY2017. Around 2.06 ML of flowback water was transported, treated and disposed offsite during FY2016. No further water will be produced from the Waukivory Pilot wells and all water storage infrastructure has been removed from site.

For more information see AGL's 2016 Sustainability Report.