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How we operate: public policy engagement

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AGL Energy
16 September 2016

As a supplier of an essential service to over 3.6 million customers, we believe we have a responsibility to engage with governments at all levels in relation to energy and related policies. In a highly regulated industry such as the energy industry, government decisions have a significant influence on the way we source, produce and price energy and energy-related products, and the way in which we interact with and support our customers. We provide policy makers with the best available information to help them understand the full implications (both positive and negative) of changes to government policy and to develop sensible policy responses.  In August 2015, AGL's Board approved a revised Political Donations Policy, prohibiting AGL from making any political donations.

See the 2016 AGL Sustainability Report for more detail about the key issues, and the ways in which we have engaged with governments during FY2016.  You can also read about our stakeholder engagement here.

We believe that transparency and consistency are very important in our engagement with stakeholders, including governments.  This is why we have committed to publishing all material submissions in relation to public policy matters on the AGL Blog and to annually disclosing all groups which AGL is a member of that may influence public policy.