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Ethical conduct

Cathlin Thurbon
Cathlin Thurbon
14 September 2016

Given we have relationships with over 3.6 million customers, and responsibilities to the communities where we operate, it is important to all stakeholders that we behave ethically in all our business activities.

Our behaviour is guided by the AGL Code of Conduct and the AGL Values. Our values guide how we deliver each of our strategies, programs and projects, so that we continue to perform and deliver for our customers, communities and other stakeholders while protecting the environment in which we live and work.

Our Code of Conduct sets out the overarching principles of ethical behaviour, and is administered by the AGL Ethics Panel.  The independent Ethics Panel member also provides an Ethics Line service, acting as a last resort contact point for potential breaches of the Code and to investigate matters in an impartial and independent manner.

AGL sets clear expectations for leaders and employees about the conduct and behaviour that is expected at AGL workplaces and in relation to how AGL conducts business. Sometimes these expectations are not met. Employees and leaders are encouraged to speak up about and resolve issues when they occur. The Workplace Resolution Guidelines provide guidance on how best to resolve workplace issues such as bullying, harassment and discrimination.

AGL's Whistleblower Protection Policy provides avenues for employees and contractors to report corrupt, illegal or undesirable conduct (including anonymously, confidentially or to an independent third party).  AGL is committed to protecting and respecting the rights of a person who reports wrongdoing in good faith. The Policy includes a reporting and investigation mechanism that is objective, confidential and independent which protects the employee from reprisal or disadvantage.

During FY2016, AGL addressed 13 issues relating to unacceptable behaviour in the workplace (compared with 10 in FY2015). Three of these issues were substantiated following investigation in accordance with AGL's Workplace Issues Resolution Guidelines (FY2014: seven), representing a decrease of 55% in the rate of substantiated issues of unacceptable behaviour in the workplace per FTE employee, exceeding our target of a 33% decrease.  Disciplinary actions taken included coaching, education sessions, written warnings and termination of employment.

Read more about our approach to ethical conduct in the FY2016 Sustainability Report.