There are major shifts occurring that are transforming the energy industry from the traditional centralised generation model to a more distributed and integrated energy supply chain. This significant transformation is being driven by new emerging technologies, evolving policy, and changing customer demands and needs. Consumers are now more energy conscious and energy literate, and expect to be able to actively manage their energy consumption decisions. As the electricity grid continues to modernise, distributed energy resources such as storage and solar PV technology can help facilitate the transition to a more efficiently-operating grid.

AGL recognises that to remain competitive in this changing landscape, energy companies must innovate and focus on creating a broader suite of energy services for consumers.

To help achieve this, AGL has invested in empowering technologies, such as by operating a digital metering business, and offering more flexible methods of financing and paying for solar through AGL Solar. AGL is also providing more ‘in home’ energy services such as energy/battery storage.

During FY2016 AGL had growth of 240% in sales of solar PV systems. By 2018 AGL plans to have electric vehicles comprising 10% of our fleet, and by 2020 AGL plans on having 1 million connections of premises with solar PV, batteries and/or digital meters.

For further information see our 2016 Sustainability Report.