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Climate change (greenhouse and energy)

Theo Comino
02 September 2016

As Australia’s largest scope 1 (direct) greenhouse gas emitting business, and given that emissions from Australia’s electricity generation sector comprise around one-third of Australia’s total emissions inventory, we recognise that we have a key role to play in gradually reducing greenhouse gas emissions while providing secure and affordable energy for Australian households and businesses.

AGL is committed to structuring its activities and operating its generation portfolio in a manner broadly consistent with the Commonwealth Government’s commitment to a global agreement to limit global warming to less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels. Achieving the ‘2 degree’ outcome will require transition to a decarbonised generation sector. This is likely to take several decades given the sheer scale of replacing the existing generation fleet with low-emissions substitute technology. Furthermore, it will require an evolution of public policy as the existing framework is insufficient to deliver significant cuts in emissions by mid-century.

For more information on AGL's approach to climate change, our GHG policy and details on our FY2016 emissions please visit our 2016 Sustainability Report.