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Employee engagement

Cathlin Thurbon
Cathlin Thurbon
31 August 2016

Employee engagement measures the degree to which people are connected to the company they work for, and is a core metric for measuring the health and success of the organisation.  In the context of a rapidly changing energy industry, maintaining a high level of engagement is increasingly important for attracting and retaining talented people and, ultimately, for the delivery of business results.

This year’s engagement score has fallen short of our target to achieve an engagement score of 75% or higher. Whilst engagement remains high at 70%, our FY2016 score reflects a decrease of six percentage points compared to FY2015.  The decrease from last year reflects the impact of the significant transformation agenda that has been underway since the last engagement survey was undertaken, and indicates that we have more to do to work together in an environment of change.

Read more about the activities AGL is undertaking to help build our culture and drive engagement in our FY2016 Sustainability Report.