AGL Launches Future Forest Program

Cameron Reid
Cameron Reid
01 July 2016

At the Carbon Market Emission Reduction Summit, AGL CEO Andy Vesey announced a new carbon offset product would be launched by July 1.

Today AGL hit that deadline with the launch of  the AGL Future Forest program for residential customers.

Future Forest enables customers to offset the emissions associated with their electricity usage for a flat $1 a week. Offsets will be based on domestic forestry, we have signed a contract for an initial purchase with Carbon Neutral, securing Gold Standard certificates for the first few thousand customers. The preference for forestry is a customer driven response – it, in conjunction with the $1 per week hits two key buttons – its easy and its tangible – we will be providing customers with information on the projects they are supporting throughout the year to demonstrate where their money is going.

Importantly, if the $1 per week is not enough to fully offset the emissions then AGL will makeup the difference, if there are funds leftover we will purchase additional credits (quarterly reporting with annual reconciliation).

If you want to find out more (or join the AGL Future Forest program) you can follow this link to Future Forest