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Open day at Rubicon Mountain Streams Scheme

Theo Comino
16 May 2016

Community members from across Alexandra, Eildon and Rubicon in north eastern Victoria, came together on Saturday 7 May, to explore AGL's Rubicon Mountain Streams Scheme and take a trip down memory lane.

Forty-five people toured the heritage-listed Rubicon Mountain Streams Scheme, which comprises a group of four small hydroelectric power stations; Royston, Rubicon, Lower Rubicon, and Rubicon Falls, with a total generating capacity of around 12.5 MW.

Many of the people attending the community open day were former power station employees and people who lived on the mountain in the workers cottages.

Located on the Rubicon and Royston Rivers, 130 kilometres north-east of Melbourne, the Rubicon Mountain Streams Scheme first generated electricity in 1926. It was the first state-owned hydroelectric scheme to generate electricity in mainland Australia, and among the first in the world to be remotely controlled. This scheme is just one of many AGL hydroelectric assets.