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Smith Family report shows small investment in a child's education brings lifetime of success

Marg Mitchell
28 April 2016

AGL's corporate responsibility program, Energy For Life, targets three core areas of intervention: prevention and education, intervention and capacity building and crisis support.

It is AGL's view that an evidence based approach to CSR is critical both to developing effective programs and partnerships, assisting to build the strength of community organisations and hopefully, measuring and starting to tackle some of the complex problems these partnerships aim to address.

All of our partnerships address the issue of hardship within the context of AGL providing an essential service. Importantly, the initiative complements, rather than substitutes, ongoing commitments to addressing hardship through our regulatory obligations and existing hardship programs (e.g. Staying Connected).

We are proud to partner with The Smith Family, a national, independent charity helping young Australians in need to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves. The Smith Family created its flagship Learning for Life program to help disadvantaged Australian children and young people break the cycle of disadvantage, using education as the key.

The Smith Family believes that education is the key to transforming lives, and not just minds, and that's why it focuses on providing mentoring, tutoring and a whole range of other learning support programs to children and young people from socio-economically disadvantaged communities.

Through the provision of direct funding to The Smith Family, AGL supports 340 Australian students by alleviating education costs over six years, making AGL currently the largest corporate sponsor of the Learning for Life sponsorship program. AGL also provides resources to support the organisation in tracking the journey of students after leaving the Learning for Life program. This provides important quantitative evidence of the value being added to the community through the co-investment of AGL and The Smith Family.

A new report released this week by The Smith Family, shows long-term support over decades can help improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged children.  To read the ABC article and report outcomes, click  here.