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Happy International Women's Day

Anita George
07 March 2016

International Women's Day represents an important opportunity for AGL to restate our commitment to building a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace culture.  One of the key priorities of AGL's Diversity and Inclusion Council, chaired by our Managing Director, is maintaining our focus on gender equity, with an emphasis on removing barriers for women to increase their representation in leadership.

AGL monitors gender diversity at each level of the organisation, in particular the representation of women in leadership. We recognise that there is a positive correlation between increased representation of women on company boards and in senior management positions and the achievement of better financial performance, higher employee retention rates, and enhanced corporate image and reputation.

During FY2015, AGL continued to make progress towards its FY2016 gender diversity target of achieving a 50% female appointment rate to the Senior Leadership Pipeline. The combined female appointment rate for external and internal appointments to the Senior Leadership Pipelines at June 30 2015 was 31%.

Read more about AGL's initiatives to promote gender diversity, flexibility at work, and its LGBTI Inclusion Strategy in its FY2015 Sustainability Report.

International Women's Day also gives us a great opportunity to celebrate the work of our very important charity partners. CARE Australia is a non-religious, non-political organisation that provides humanitarian assistance to serve the poorest individuals and families in the world. CARE Australia is part of CARE International, and provides projects in sustainable development, health support, general education and environmental rehabilitation.  One of CARE's key priorities is supporting the health, welfare, education and financial sustainability of women and girls internationally.  Take a look at CARE's website for more information on its important work and priorities.  You may also want to look at AGL's website for more information about its partnership with CARE, and its other charity partners.