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Forum at the ANU Crawford School of Public Policy

Tim Nelson
Tim Nelson
01 February 2016

The ANU Crawford School of Public Policy will be hosting a forum on Monday 29 February. The forum is titled 'Australia’s electricity sector: policy options to support a low-carbon transition'. I am lucky enough to have been invited to present based upon two recent publications: Energy-only markets and renewable energy targets: Complementary policy or policy collision? and Australian Climate Change Policy – Where To From Here?. If reading an academic article is a bit of a stretch, this piece in the Conversation may be worth reading. Other presenters will include:

  • Tony Wood, Grattan Institute Energy Program director, will discuss power sector policy in the context of overall choices for climate policy in Australia.
  • Olivia Kember, policy and research manager at The Climate Institute, will discuss TCI analysis on second-best policy options for a two-degree outcome.
  • Steve Hatfield-Dodds, Chief Research Leader, Integration Science And Public Policy at CSIRO and Adjunct Professor at Crawford School, will present insights from the Electricity Network Transformation Roadmap project.
  • Frank Jotzo of Crawford School and Salim Mazouz of The Centre for International Economics will present a proposed market mechanism for exit of brown-coal fired power stations, in the absence of carbon pricing (Read paper here ).
  • Kathryn Smith, Review Director at the Climate Change Authority, will outline the policy options the Authority is considering in its current Special Review of Australia’s climate action, and how it is evaluating those options.