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Sustainable water management

Anita George
01 December 2015

The sustainable management of water resources, both quantity and quality, is a critical environmental issue in Australia and of direct relevance to AGL's business.  Water management is a material issue for AGL, and we have set a target against which we have reported our performance in our FY2015 Sustainability Report.

The data centre in the Sustainability Report also discloses data such as:

  • the amount of water consumed at AGL's energy generation, upstream gas, and corporate facilities broken down by facility type and by water source; and
  • the amount of water passed through AGL's hydroelectric power stations, as well as seawater and surface water used for cooling the AGL Torrens and Liddell power stations (respectively), that is returned to the source (referred to as “managed water”).

During FY2015, AGL set a target to reduce potable water consumption at AGL Torrens by 30%, by replacing it with lower quality bore water. This target was exceeded, with potable water reduced by around 50% (approximately 35,000 kL), saving around $115,000.