AGL’s ‘Employee Volunteering’ program gives all employees the opportunity to take one day of paid volunteering leave each year to support community causes and charitable organisations. As well as delivering social outcomes for the community, volunteering provides business benefits to AGL – by engaging employees, promoting teamwork and building morale.

AGL provides the flexibility for employees to take volunteering leave in a variety of ways, including team projects, pursuing individual interests and participating in AGL-led initiatives. Our Sustainability Report highlights some of the ways in which our employees have chosen to spend their volunteering leave during FY2015.

AGL set a target to achieve a participation rate of 35% for Employee Volunteering for FY2015. Disappointingly, we fell short of this target, with 25% of the workforce recording a volunteering leave day. To overcome the difficulties associated with finding appropriate volunteering activities, AGL has partnered with ‘Goodcompany’ to provide a platform of easily accessible volunteering opportunities with over 1,300 charities. Launched on 2 June 2015, this platform provides avenues for AGL employees to offer both skilled and unskilled support to the community.

You can view and download information about our volunteering rates in our data centre.